Agricultural Themes

Composting and Biomass Management

Composting and biomass management of crop residues and/or manure are fundamental for nutrient and water-holding capacity and a healthy soil life.

Cover crops and mulch management

Cover crops and mulch keep your soil covered and thus maintain it moist and fertile. They also avoid erosion and as leguminous cover crops they feed your soil with extra nitrogen.

Beneficial microbes

The use of Beneficial Microbes and the production of compost starter and compost tea are important practices for a healthy soil life and a good soil fertility.

Erosion Control

Soil erosion through wind or water strongly degrades soil fertility and thus the soil’s value. Learn here what one can do about it.

Pests & Diseases and biological control

Pests & Diseases are present in most farms worldwide, but with simple measures and practices one can reduce them significantly.

Crop Rotation and Tillage

Monocultures destabilize your yield and leach your soil out. Learn about the right choice of crop rotation and how to till the soil using conservation tillage practices.